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Tsunami development in the internationally scale - part II


Tsunami development

 in the internationally scale - part II




In Cyprus Tsunami club

 in the city Limassol

 is run by the Greek instructor

 renshi Agis Agisilaou 4 dan,

which trains during

his arrivals to Warsaw.


In the photo renshi Agis Agisilaou

and soke Richard Murat 10 dan

 during the end of examination ceremony

for degree 4 dan in Honbu Dōjō

in Warsaw, 2001.



Renshi Agis Agisilaou 4 dan and his assistants:

Marinos Erakleous, Andreas Georgiou, George Nicolaou, Chris Milidonis.






Renshi Agis Agisilaou

 4 dan (from the right) during Tsunami demonstration

for Cypriot television.




 Renshi Agis Agisilaou 4 dan

conquered leading places

 in various karate competitions.

 In the photo after conquest the first place

in Championship of Cyprus

(shotokan organization AKUC, 2001).




Tsunami system

 is in great interest also

 in Japan. In the photo

 soke Richard Murat 10 dan

 and his student Fuse Tadayuki from Tokyo on the ground of the castle in Kazimierz Dolny (Richard Murat's place of birth).


In Kazimierz Dolny takes place a lot of sunami groups.


Tsunami system goes in for both tropical countries, and also in polar areas.

In the photo training of Tsunami group in taiga in Karelia (Northern Russia).  



A significant part in Tsunami development in various countries plays the outstanding instructor hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan,

who almost whole life spends

 in travels. From that reason he

 is able to practice efficiently as

well as in warm and cold climate.

In the photo hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan improves his kicks during cracking frost.




Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

 runs a training with

 a group of Italian candidates for Tsunami instructors on the beach

in Rimini (Italian Riviera).


Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan runs a lot the international Tsunami groups and schoolings.

In the photo above: with the group of instructor from Cyprus and Germany during the group

in Limassol in Cyprus in 2003 (the first from the left).

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