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History of Tsunami


The history of Tsunami

   Tsunami (Japanese: 'the great wave') - this is the style of art hand-to-hand fighting, founded in 1979 year in Poland (Europe) by the lawyer Richard Murat  

   He worked out then basic Tsunami principles and for defining that system accepted Japanese name Tsunami (Japanese: 'the great wave').

   In Tsunami style were harmoniously connected modernity and tradition: among other things modern training methods with traditional techniques of fight.




The Tsunami founder

soke Richard Murat 10 dan during practicing

of yoko-geri-kekomi kick

in the training fight (kumite)

with hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan.


He profession is logistics,

he works in international corporations, acts as

Vice-President of Tsunami Federation Renmei

and coordinates Tsunami development in a lot

of countries on various continents.



   Tsunami is the only style of art hand-to-hand fight,

which not only came into being in Poland (Europe),

but also it achieved spectacular international successes.

The best proof there is the fact,

that at present it is being practiced not only in Poland,

which is its lair, but also in various countries

of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and in Australia.

   Thanks Tsunami is won Poland worldwide acclaim, and Tsunami itself belongs to the Polish cultural legacy.


   It is exactly thanks to establishing Tsunami come to Poland for several dozen years to study secrets of martial arts instructors from various countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and in Australia.


Agisilaou  Ovsiannikov  Afrykańczycy

For schooling under soke Richard Murat’s eye come  persons from various continents, raising their level

 of training and passing exams. On the photographs from the left: A.Agisilaou 4 dan (Cyprus, Europe)

and V.Ovsiannikov 7 dan (Komsomolsk on the Amur river, Russia, Asia) during the exams for masterly degree and Africans: C.Adelino, A.Congolo and R.C.Ferreira after a training run

by soke Richard Murat in Warsaw.


   Further information on the subject of Karate Tsunami history there are in the following chapters: 





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