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Our website is conducted

in Polish language.



 It is substantiated because style of Karate Tsunami was founded in Poland,

and the seat of its authorities (Central Office - Honbu Dojo - Headquarters)

functions in the Polish capital - Warsaw in Europe.


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Selected texts on our website are provided in English language in ENGLISH Version.

These texts are authorized by Honbu (Board) of the International Tsunami Karate Federation Renmei.

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Karate Tsunami style

is practiced in many countries

and by persons using

different languages. 

Karate Tsunami 

   For the convenience of those persons has been prepared on our website an automatic translator. In this way they can acquaint in their own languages with all texts from our website.


   It is currently the best automatic translator, but for obvious reasons it is not perfect, because of influences of complexities in each language. Translator rather accurately translates the meaning of the text, but the grammar of such translation is not the best.


   Therefore, International Karate Tsunami Federation does not authorize such automatic translation of texts and  does not bear responsibility for the quality.


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Development of Karate Tsunami in many countries around the world
inhabited by people whom speak different languages



Karate Tsunami style

is practiced in many countries

on all continents:

Europe, Asia, Africa,

America and Australia.




Appropriate reflection

of the global Karate Tsunami

development is its logo:

a circle symbolizing the earth,

girded with the black belt. 


feng shui



   According to world-famous feng shui expert from Far East, the Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan, such shape of Karate Tsunami logo is the appropriate as possible.


   In the art of feng shui a circle is considered as the perfect shape and ensure success of Karate Tsunami development in the world.

    In girded this circle black belt Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan sees not only the symbol of Karate Tsunami martial arts, but also two intertwined black dragons, which seem to stabilize the circle. On the Far East and in the  art of feng shui, two black dragons are the symbol of strength, protection and prosperity.

   The combination of two dragons, thereby stabilizing and protecting the circle which is the perfect representation of the shape of the globe and - according to the Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan - symbolizes the greatest power in feng shui, prosperity and permanent development.

feng shui dragons





   In order to strengthen the protection and auspiciousness in Karate Tsunami development in the world Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan gave soke Richard Murat 10 dan two great statues of dragons, imported from the Far East to Honbu Dojo in Warsaw.


   Exactly it is a pair of dragons made of amber (male and female, so that they can reproduce), and thanks to that it will guarantee development.








Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan

gives amber dragons to soke Richard Murat 10 dan

in Honbu Dojo in Warsaw.



sensei Renata Murat 1 dan

and master Truong Anh Tuan.


feng shui dragons

   The Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan also chose - using the principles of feng shui – place in Honbu Dojo for those works of art. The amber pair of dragons were placed on both sides of the illuminated small globe.


   This arrangement - according to feng shui - additionally increase success of Karate Tsunami development in the world, and colored light from the globe introduces recovery of positive energy.  


feng shui dragons

After placing the pair of amber dragons around the illuminated globe. The Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan,

soke Richard Murat 10 dan, sensei Renata Murat 1 dan and master Truong Anh Tuan.

Honbu Dojo






   That symbolic system of artifacts placed - with recommendation of the Grand Master Duong Manh Hung 10 dan - just at the entrance to the main hall training, on the right side of the entrance, next to the fireplace belching with living fire during colder days.

      The logo of Karate Tsunami has developed the founder of this style soke Richard Murat 10 dan based on his knowledge and intuition.



Soke Richard Murat 10 dan (in the foreground faced backwards) runs one of conventions for Karate Tsunami instructors

in the most prestigious place in Poland - the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.


   Vice-President of International Karate Tsunami Federation hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan (logistics manager), who coordinates development of Karate Tsunami in the international scale, emphasizes that the proper shape of the logo singles out Karate Tsunami and is important factor for prosperity in development of this style, apart  accurate principles and effective techniques and talents and work of its representatives. 

 Parfieniuk  Teneryfa





Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

in a health resort on the Tenerife island

(Canary Islands on the Atlantic ocean) presents

the characteristic for Karate Tsunami technique

yoko-geri-kekomi (thrust side kick). 

   Therefore, we would like to invite you to cooperate all people from different countries and different styles, using different languages, interested in developing Tsunami Karate and self-improvement.


   If you would like to  be the representative and master of Karate Tsunami, please write or call:
                                                                     e-mail: vladimir.parfieniuk@gmail.com
                                                                     mobile phone: 0048601981708

   Do not delay. You are welcome.

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