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ALGERIA: an examination in Honbu Dojo - master Nait Ali Mouloud got the degree 4 dan


ALGERIA: an examination in Honbu Dojo

master Nait Ali Mouloud got the degree 4 dan

and the title renshi 


   Style Karate Tsunami is practiced by people of different faiths: Catholic, Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and others - in many countries on all continents, including Africa 


   One of countries in which Tsunami develops, is Algeria, the central and the most important Islamic Maghreb country (region in north-western Africa, extending from Libya to Mauritania).  



  The significant Karate Tsunami center runs the Algerian master Nait Ali Mouloud


   After receiving degree 4 dan the founder of Karate Tsunami soke Richard Murat 10 dan appointed him the official leader of this style in Algeria.



Master Ali Nait Mouloud in Algeria presents the certificate for master's degrees 4 dan and the certificate of the official Karate Tsunami representative in Algeria. Honbu Dojo in Warsaw/Poland /Europe, 7 March 2011. In the photograph there are also visible (from the left): Matthew Murat (son of soke Richard Murat, many times medalist of Polish Championships in the junior category), sensei Matt Rogosz

1 dan (the youngest black belt owner in martial arts history in Poland, also many times medalist of Polish Championships), soke Richard Murat 10 dan (the founder of Karate Tsunami), hanshi 8 dan Vladimir Parfieniuk  (Vice-President  of  Tsunami Renmei, coordinating

 the development of Tsunami in different regions of the world), Father Paul Tokajuk (Orthodox priest and assistant of Head

of the Orthodox Church in Poland - Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland, His Eminence Highly Blessed Sawa),

                           Jack Borek (psychologist, many times medalist at Polish Championships in the category of seniors).       


   Master Nait Ali  Mouloud was born in 1981 and he is veteran in martial arts in Algeria. In 1996-1999 he practiced karate, and later taekowndo ITF. In taekwondo ITF he also has got the degree 3 dan. He won a lot of medals and championship titles in various sports events. 


   Since 2005 he has run his own club, and his pupils have won over 100 medals (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) in various sports events and eleven times the championship titles of Algeria. 


   Master Nait Ali Mouloud has got education in hotel business and tourism school in Hassi Masoud and professionally makes business in hotel and tourism trade. He speaks four languages: Kabyle (his native regional language spoken in Algeria), Arabic, French and English.

Tizi Ouzou  Tizi

Panorama and the center of Tizi Ouzou. The city lies 110 km from Algiers to the east and it is the capital

 of the Great Kabylie and the cultural center of Berbers (Kabyles). There are about 3 million inhabitants.



Nait Ali Mouloud with two groups of his students: at the top -
and at the bottom - at the Mediterranean Sea.




   Master Nait Ali Mouloud previously practiced different styles of karate and taekwondo and trained 30 black-belt holders in Taekwondo ITF. In 2010 he decided with others to practice Karate Tsunami.  


   For this reason, he stays in continuous contact with hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan - Vice-President of Karate Tsunami Federation Renmei, with authorization of the founder of Karate Tsunami soke Richard Murat 10 dan, coordinates the development of this style in various regions of the world.  


   In the beginning of  March 2011, master from Algeria Nait Ali Mouloud participated in intensive training in Honbu Dojo (Central School of Karate Tsunami) in Warsaw. 


   This training course  (a lot of practice and theoretical activities) mainly ran with him hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk  8 dan. 


   On 7th March 2011, Nait Ali Mouloud got in Karate Tsunami the next master's degree 4 dan and the prestigious title renshi (Japanese "many times master"). The examination conducted for him soke Richard Murat 10 dan, and his partner (playing the role of the opponent) in kumite (training fight) was hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan. 


   Moreover, master Ali Nait Mouloud received from soke Richard Murat 10 dan the official confirmation to represent of Karate Tsunami style in Algeria and was appointed the leader of this style in Algeria. 


   The discussed events (training and exams) we present in a dozen photographs.  



The training course of master Nait Ali Mouloud took up hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk  8 dan. 



 Algieria  Algieria

During the training course there were practiced many techniques of Karate Tsunami,

including with using of a bag training - in the photographs above:

soto-haito-uchi (from the left) and yoko-geri-kekomi (from the right). 



 Algieria  Algieria

There were practiced  a number of tactical solutions of Karate Tsunami
including uchi-nagashi-uke (to getting out inwards of a line of an attack, in the photographs).


 Algieria Algieria 

There were also study of use of different instruments, including a knife, a short stick - a club,

two sticks, and a tonfa (in the photograph from the left) and a sickle (kama – from the right).


 Algieria Algieria 

 Algieria  Algieria

 The Intensive training course brought success during the exam. 


 Algieria  Algieria

Traditional Karate Tsunami ceremonies after a technical examination. 



The ceremony of awarding the certificate for degree 4 dan in Karate Tsunami for master Ali Nait Mouloud. 



Awarding the authorization for master Ali Nait Mouloud to represent Karate Tsunami in Algeria. 



Master Nait Ali Mouloud received from soke Richard Murat 10 dan a lot of course materials,

and among them his best-selling book "Karate for beginners and advanced " (in the photograph -

in Polish version) and English version "Karate for Beginners and Advanced".  



During the training course, there were a number of theoretical courses and meetings. 

Honbu Dojo



During the staying in Honbu Dojo

in Warsaw master Nait Ali Mouloud for the first time saw real winter and snowstorm

(the photograph from the left).  


 Honbu Dojo

He liked the blazing fireplace in Honbu Dojo (from the right). He said that in Algeria there are

also used fireplaces for heating, when the cold wind blows from the Mediterranean Sea.
In his opinion, in winter the average temperature in Algeria is plus 20 degrees (Celsius). 



Master Nait Ali Mouloud asked to be taken in a  photograph, as he stands barefoot in the snow

(of course there were remains of the snow) in front of the training room in Honbu Dojo in Warsaw/Poland/Europe. 


   Master Nait Ali Mouloud has decided to practice Karate Tsunami, seeing the great opportunities in this style. 


   Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan as directly supervising his training emphasizes his great desire to learning, a brilliant mind, internal discipline and ability to fast acquiring knowledge and skills.  







Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan,
a lot of time spends on his travels
and for that reason he is able to improve
his abilities in all places in the world,
 where he stays.  

In the photograph he practices
the characteristic for Tsunami
kick yoko-geri-kekomi;
on the Tenerife Island, Spain/Europe.



   As everybody knows, hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan, with authorization of the founder of Karate Tsunami soke Richard Murat 10 dan, coordinates the development of this style in various regions of the world. 


   Thanks to wide international contacts and unique methods hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan significantly contributes to the development of Tsunami. The tangible results of that development are consecutive Karate Tsunami centers in various countries, including this mentioned above the new center in Algeria.     



   Karate Tsunami centers function in many countries on all continents: in Europe, in America, in Africa, in Asia and in Australia.  


   Consecutive centers are organized in such countries as: Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Finland. 


   Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan systematically emphasizes that Tsunami system created by soke Richard Murat 10 dan is effective, understandable and accessible and that system wins willing persons in the world irrespective of national, cultural and religious differences. 

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