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Karate Tsunami Headquarters in Pakistan


Karate Tsunami Headquarters in Pakistan

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Tsunami Karate style is practiced in a lot of countries
on all continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. 

Karate Tsunami




In the last period

in Islamabad in Pakistan

was open the main Karate Tsunami Headquarters for that country managed by

renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan

 renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan


   Renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan states that with the aim of opening that Headquarters is showing the existence of the new style - Karate Tsunami and teaching that style for beginners and advanced persons.


   Renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan does not hide the satisfaction that he was able to create Tsunami Headquarters in Islamabad on a such high level, and for this reason it allows for better promotion of  that style in Islamabad.

 Karate Tsunami in Pakistan

   In the period of the next few months, there is planned visit of renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan in Poland.


   Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan, who as Vice-President coordinates international Tsunami development, says this most emphatically:  there is no doubt that renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan thanks to his organizational skills, high education and unprecedented enthusiasm and determination will bring huge Tsunami development in that region of the world.




Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan,
a lot of time spends on his travels
and for that reason he is able to improve
his abilities in all places in the world,
where he stays.  

In the photograph he practices
the characteristic for Tsunami
kick yoko-geri-kekomi;
on the Tenerife Island,


 renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan  renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan  renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan

                                     Renshi Qasim Suleman 4 dan is well prepared to perform techniques of Tsunami Karate,

 from the right performs typical Tsunami Karate kick yoko-geri-kekomi (side thrusting kick).


 Pakistan  Islamabad Islamabad 

                                                             Map of Pakistan and views of the capital city Islamabad.


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