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PARFIENIUK Vladimir, hanshi, 8 dan, Hajnówka, Poland, Europe




Hanshi PARFIENIUK Vladimir 8 dan

Surname and name:  Parfieniuk Vladimir
Place in which he lives, country and continent:  Hajnówka, 
Warsaw, Poland/

          Modena, Italy, Europe
Occupation:  linguist, logistic,

          tsunami instructor


     Degree in tsunami: 8 dan (since 2012)

     Title in tsunami: hanshi ('the master of masters')
     Position in Federation:  The Vice-President of Karate Tsunami Renmei – International Tsunami Federation (since 1995) and The Vice-President of  Polish Martial Arts Federation (since 2006)


           Statement on the subject of tsunami:

   Tsunami boldly one can call the way of success, the self-realization and the extraordinary way of the development in everyday life on the basis of martial arts. After twenty years of improving in Tsunami with absolute certainty I state, that real practice in this system, my achievements are evidence of that, gives the incredible advantage in comparison to other systems of improving.
   With authorization of the founder of Tsunami system - soke Richard Murat 10 dan I develop tsunami in the international scale, so I treat promotion of this system as essence of my own life, and in consequence improvement of health and fitness of other people and thanks that make world better and better.
   For I set for myself also the task of ruthless fight against enemies of Tsunami and with individuals with various kinds of mental aberrations, whom do not like the development of this system in Poland and in the international scale.


Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

has improved his abilities during

a lot training tsunami camps.


On the photo there are meditation exercises during a training on the training camp in Kazimierz Dolny, 1996.

The first from the left: shihan Vladimir Parfieniuk. In the foreground - turned back soke Richard Murat 10 dan.







Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan,

a lot of time spends on travels

and for that reason he is able to improve

his abilities all over the world, where he stays.


On the photo he practices

 the characteristic for tsunami

kick yoko-geri-kekomi;

on the Tenerife Island, Spain.


Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

is able effectively train

both in great heat

and in frost and snow.


On the photo he practices

the kick yoko-geri-kekomi

in frost of about fifteen degrees

 in the Bialovieza Forest,

near his home (Hajnówka). 


It is obvious,

 that this north-eastern

region is Polish

“the cold pole’’.    



Shihan Vladimir  Parfieniuk 8 dan demonstrates the kick 

mae-geri-kekomi in front

of a  group of participants of tsunami training camp

(participants stand from

the side of taking photo)

on the famous beach

in Pafos in Cyprus.


According to the Greek

mythology exactly in this place from the sea foam was born

the Goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite (Latin - Venus).


The kick mae-geri-kekomi

is a characteristic technique for tsunami, makes possible the direct hit to an opponent with great power and thereby great effectiveness.



 Vladimir Parfieniuk

runs tsunami activities on the terrain of the whole Europe. On the photo (the first from the left) with the group of three instructor from Cyprus and three instructors from Germany during the tsunami training camp in Limassol in Cyprus, 2003. The second from the left renshi Agis Agisilaou 4 dan - the tsunami chief in Cyprus.


Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

with his main pupils in Italy:

renshi Andrea Rossi 4 dan (Carpi, Reggio Emilia - from the right)

and sensei Davide Martinelli 1 dan (Modena - from the  left). Italian masters practice already with using the typical instruments for tsunami, specially: tonfa, nunchaku and bo.


With the time they will train themselves also in fight with a spade, a sickles and a fork which instruments horrify our rivals specially of those ones, whom supposedly “practice martial arts”, but in fight are not

able to use instruments.  




Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan is famous of his excellent-precise and strong techniques and the extraordinary effectiveness in real fight. For this reason he is  called “The beast” (his was nickname by soke Richard Murat 10 dan

in recognition of  Vladimir Parfieniuk’s  murderous abilities). His abilities exertive huge impression on contacting with him representatives of various styles all over the world, both: Russians from Siberia, as well as inhabitants of warm countries, whom willingly start practicing under his direction. On the photo he runs a training with one of groups of it Italian pupils, mainly instructors of Thai boxing (muai thai) and of kick-boxing, on the beach in the famous Rimini health spa at the Adriatic. The typical exercise for tsunami-the kick  mae-geri-kekomi.



Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

in 1998 together

with soke Richard Murat 10 dan

worked out the book for learning

one of tsunami kata -

“Haito” (Japanese 'torn into parts'). 


It presents the form of the learning against three opponents,

required in tsunami for the degree 7 kyu.


The book  contains a large number of pictures,

 showing presentation of the form (at the front and sideways)

and full interpretation of kata with opponents. 


Next to the  cover of this book.
Persons interested in can buy that book.


Hanshi Shihan Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

also became famous as  the great star of famous

all over the world soke Richard Murat’s book 

’’Karate for Beginners and Advanced”

(in Polish and  English version) which became

the best-seller in the environment of martial arts both in Poland as well as all over the world.


Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

appears in this book as the sparring partner

of soke Richard Murat at showing brutal applying

of tsunami techniques. 

 Shihan  Tsunami  Prawosławny  Bajawy  Artykuł
About successes hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan came out a lot of articles at the Polish and foreign-language press, also Orthodox Church’s press and in Byelorussian language, and even Greek language. On the photo there are examples of these numerous articles – od lewej: 'Shihan – Rozmowa z Włodzimierzem Parfieniukiem mistrzem karate tsunami (6 dan)' - białoruskie pismo społeczno-kulturalne ,Czasopis'', nr 2 (181), luty 2006 roku; 'Tsunami – droga na całe życie' - „Kurier Poranny Hajnowski'' , nr 96, 24 stycznia 2006 roku; 'Prawosławny karateka' - ,,Wiadomości Polskiego Autokefalicznego Kościoła Prawosławnego'', nr 2(195), rok 2006; 'Bajawy U.Parfjanjuk' – białoruski tygodnik „Niwa”, Białystok, nr 2 (2591), 8 stycznia 2006 roku;  „Wałodzia – majstar z Warszawy”  białoruski tygodnik „Niwa”, nr 13  (2185), 29 marca 1998 roku.

 The Silver Cross of Merit for hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan awarded him for his services for the tsunami development the President

of the Poland Republic in 2005 – the proposal put forward soke Richard Murat 10 dan.

The decoration on  behalf of the President

of Republic of Poland on 17 November 2005

in the Regional Office in Bialystok awarded

the Provincial Governor of Podlasie region -Jerzy Poljanowicz (from the right). 


For services for the tsunami development

hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan received

a lot of thanks from national dignitaries

 in Poland and in other countries. 


There is in the photograph the special congratulatory letter

from the Marshal of the Podlasie region in Bialystok.
Vice-Marshal Jan Kaminski wrote in this letter:

„With a great pleasure I want to congratulate you on getting

the Silver Cross of Merit for long-standing self-sacrificing activity

in the field of propagation karate tsunami

on the territory of Poland as well as other countries. 

Thank you  for the entirety activity I want to wish you

wonderful achievements, more father satisfaction of the work

for propagating the physical culture and sport

and carrying plans and intentions in the future”.




As an interesting side note one should know,

that hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan at every occasion,

especially during great sports events: festivals of martial arts

(he participated in a lot of them) and also during instructors’  training camps

in Poland and in other countries emphasizes clearly that he is a believer

of the Orthodox Church and he underlines his exceptional pride for this reason.
According to this  the great amazement and at the same time respect

he arouses  particularly in Roman Catholic countries, as Italy and Spain,

where he runs a lot of  tsunami trainings and meetings

with representatives of local authorities.



 In the photograph from right:

unique written thanks and blessing

for hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk

from the Head of the Orthodox Church in Poland -

His Eminence Highly Blessed Sawa

the Metropolitan of Warsaw and the whole Poland.


 This famous Metropolitan

(in the photograph above from the left)

wrote among other things:

“I am very glad of your achievements.
They pleased me.  
With your  attitude you

glorify the Orthodox Church.

Let Almighty God bless”.



The concise biography of the mentioned person:

Hanshi PARFIENIUK Włodzimierz MA, 8 dan

(Hajnowka/Warsaw, Poland - Modena, Italy)


   Tsunami instructor, he runs international trainings.
   Born 28 October 1967 in Hajnowka, Podlasie region, Poland.

   Nationality: Byelorussian, faith: the Orthodox Church’s believer.


   University education: Linguistics (Warsaw University in Warsaw, 1995) and Logistics (The Warsaw School of Economics, 2002). He has a fluent command of several languages (among others, English, Russian and Italian). Director in international corporations.


   Since1982 he practiced the style kyokushin in Hajnowka,  Podlasie region, Poland, but he gave up that style seeing wrong training methods (cruelty of instructors towards students). He started practice tsunami in year 1988 under direction of soke Richard Murat 10 dan in the tsunami club at Warsaw University.

   He participated in a lot of central training camps, especially in Kazimierz Dolny and Warsaw and also in tsunami Congresses. In 1990 he finished the instructor course and he started teaching in several tsunami clubs in Poland, the Mazovian region: Warsaw, Piaseczno, Konstancin, Legionowo and Sochaczew.


   The real sensation in  the world scale is a fact that he finished ten instructors tsunami courses – run  by soke Richard Murat 10 dan - of trips of systematically raising his one level. For that reason as the other representative of the tsunami system (after soke Richard Murat 10 dan) was entered on the list of academic teachers of instructor's courses in the Ministry of Sport, and actually runs such courses for representatives of various styles. 
   In the recognition of his outstanding abilities in 2012 soke Richard Murat 10 dan granted him masterly degree 8 dan in tsunami and  the title hanshi ('the master of masters').


   Since 1995 he has acted as Vice-President Tsunami Federation - Renmei (International Tsunami Federation) and on its behalf he develops tsunami in different countries of the world. 
   Also since 2006 he has been Vice-Chairwomen of the Main Audit Committee of the Polish Martial Arts Federation and Sports of Fighting (united over 30 nationwide associations of different styles).
   He run a lot of tsunami trainings in: Belarus,  Russia, Ukraine, Italy, England, Spain and Cyprus.   

   For his service in tsunami development he received a lot of thanks, among others from the Marshal of Podlasie region (Eastern part of Poland) and His Eminence, Highly Blessed Sawa - the Metropolitan of Warsaw and whole Poland.

   In 2005 to soke Richard Murat put forward a proposal to the President of the Republic of Poland who granted Vladimir Parfieniuk the Silver Cross of Merit, which was awarded him by the Provincial Governor/Voivode of Podlasie region(Eastern part of Poland).


   Without a shadow of a doubt hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan is the most outstanding karate master in Eastern Poland, as well as amongst all Byelorussians both in Poland, as well as in the world, and probably also amongst all believers of the Orthodox Church all over the world.

   On his subject appeared a lot of  articles in Polish and foreign-language press, especially Orthodox press (in Polish and Byelorussian and even Greek languages).

   Hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan – with authorization of the founder of tsunami system - soke Richard Murat 10 dan, run in Tsunami Federation  Renmei by the exceptional activity coordinating tsunami development the in chosen regions of Poland and in global scale in many different countries.


   For this reason – because of carried out his tasks - in this Tsunami website was created the special section called hanshi W.Parfieniuk, in which he  presents various content (information and announcements) in different languages, intended for chosen tsunamists’ environments from different regions of the world.

   For many years hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan has been a friend and the closest co-worker of soke Richard Murat 10 dan.


  Other biographical data on subject hanshi Vladimir Parfieniuk 8 dan

and his photographs you will find:

  • in the special section hanshi V.Parfieniuk 8 dan - on this website,
  • in many chapters - on this website,
  • on many websites - tsunami centers and tsunami instructors,
  •  on the website www.federacjasztukwalki.pl

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