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AUGUSTYNIAK Alexander, a candidate for Tsunami master, Warsaw, Poland, Europe






Surname and name:  Augustyniak Alexander  

Place in which he lives, country and continent: 

                       Warsaw, Poland, Europe
Occupation:  schoolboy

Way of PracticingTsunami: practices Tsunami

                       in Honbu Dojo (Central Tsunami

                       School) in Warsaw                   


                                           Statement on the subject of Tsunami:


      I like Tsunami very much, because there is nice atmosphere.




Thanks to appropriately selected exercises in Tsunami one can attains large achievements:

in health, efficiency and condition. Alexander Augustyniak - 10 years old, is the example

of those achievements. On 5-th November 2009 he beat up a real record of fitness test

in his own group age, making non-stop 666 repetitions of raising his trunk lying down. 


This is endurance exercise, developing specially abdomen muscles, and showing great

power and general efficiency. This exercise, beside many others, is applied on every

training in Tsunami, in the final part called Tokucho (all-developmental exercises).


In the photograph: Alexander Augustyniak during mentioned above exercise

in Honbu Dojo (Central Tsunami School) in Warsaw. Apart from him there is seen

the witness of  that record soke Richard Murat 10 dan and a few members of a group,

whom  carefully watching, that beating of the record is performed in impeccable way.


Alexander Augustyniak practices Tsunami in Honbu Dojo in Warsaw

and he is a talented junior - a real candidate to be a master.

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