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LESZCZYŃSKI Mark, sensei, 1 dan, Oslo, Norwey, Europe




Sensei LESZCZYŃSKI Mark 1 dan


Surname and name:  LESZCZYŃSKI Mark   

Place in which he lives, country and continent:                          Oslo, Norwey, Europe
Occupation: self-defense and martial arts


Degree in Tsunami: 1 dan (since 2010)

Title in Tsunami: sensei ('the master – teacher')

PracticingTsunami: practices Tsunami in Oslo    


                                             Statement on the subject of Tsunami:  


   I have trained martial arts for 26 years. For a long time I have trained judo, kyokushin, oyama karate, kickboxing and box, and got to know them very well.

   I started my interest in Karate Tsunami, because from my direct observations it was clear that it’s very effective style in a real fight. I had an opportunity to guard discos with Tsunami master, shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan, and thanks to him eye-witness efficient techniques, Tsunami’s strategy and it’s rules of fights.

   Tsunami’s statements hit the spot because of my psychic, directed towards real fight.


 Leszczyński judo  Leszczyński judo

Mark Leszczyński trained judo from 1983 in Włocławek (MKS „Zryw” Włocławek) under Roman Stawisiński 4 dan

and passed in succession all examinations on kyu degree in judo.On photo above – Mark Leszczyński’s judo passport.


 Leszczyński kick-boxing





Mark Leszczyński

 have trained many styles,

among them kick-boxing – in Włocławek, under the direction

of Eugene Charzewski.


In 2001 Mark Leszczyński achieved Ist rate instructor licence in kick-boxing. 

Beside: photograph of his instructor licence. 


Sensei Mark Leszczyński took part In V Open Polish Karate Tsunami Championship on 14-15th november 2009 in Łowicz,

in the colors of Kutno’s Tsunami Center, under the command of shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan. He won then all the fights (ahead of time) in Full-contact kumite competition in senior’s category and won gold medal and the title of Polish Champion. On photo: Mark Leszczyński (in the centre) on podium after decoration with medals. Next to him: Mario Grzelak,

 who won silver medal and Lukas Miksztal, brown medal conqueror. Interesting detail is that Mark Leszczyński

have come especially from Norway in order to compete in Polish Championship. Lukas Miksztal’s father in turn

was a sparring partner of Richard Murat few decades ago, at the time he (R. Murat) started training judo.

Next to medalists: beautiful girls from Łowicz, in admirable regional outfits.     


 Leszczyński 1 dan  Leszczyński 1 dan  Leszczyński 1 dan

 Scenes form Mark Leszczyński’s exam on 1 degree black belt, 9th January 2010 in Honbu Dojo (Central School

of Karate Tsunami) in Warsaw. From left: scene from jiyu kumite (free fight with short sticks – hanbo) – his opponent

was shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan (Kutno). In center: sensei Mark Leszczyński presenting his technical skills.

From right: soke Richard Murat 10 dan, according to tradition of Tsunami, announces the formula of gaining

by Mark Leszczyński 1 dan degree in Karate Tsunami.     

 Leszczyński 1 dan



 Typical for Tsunami ceremony

of giving the certificate on achieved master degree. 


Sensei Mark Leszczyński

(from right) receiving at the hands from Richard Murat 10 dan the certificate on 1 dan degree after examinations in Honbu Dojo (Central School of Karate Tsunami) in Warsaw on 9th January 2010.


The eye-witness of this event was inter alia (visible in the center) shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan, member of Polish Tsunami Federation leadership (Honbu)

and Mark Leszczyński’s sparring partner during exam.  



Brief biography of the person depicted:


Sensei LESZCZYŃSKI Mark 1 dan (Oslo, Norway)


   Karate Tsunami instructor, conducting classes in Oslo, Norway.

   Born on 15th March 1974 in Szczecin.

   Occupation: self-defense and martial arts instructor.

   Trains martial arts for 26 years. In 1983 started judo classes in Włocławek, under Roman Stawiński 4 dan and in sequence achieved all judo kyu grades.


   Then for many years he practiced kyokushin in Włocławek under John Mazurkiewicz 4 dan, oyama karate in Turek under Vladimir Rygiert 2 dan, kick boxing in Włocławek under Eugene Charzewski and box in Włocławek, under Henry Kwiatkowski.

   For 8 years, along with Karate Tsunami master, shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan from Kutno, he guarded discos in central Poland. Seeing extraordinary efficiency of Tsunami’s techniques and strategy, owing to shihan Thaddeus Ryniec he turned his interests towards this style and started practicing it under the shihan’s direction (among with sensei Slavomir Szczepaniak 1 dan from Krośniewice).  

   Since year 2006, Mark Leszczyński lives in Oslo, Nowary, where he can still polish his skills. He comes to Poland from Oslo quite often in order to take individual classes intensively with shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan.  

   Not to mention the fact, that Mark Leszczyński took part in V Open Karate Tsunami Polish Championship on 14th-15th November 2009 in Łowicz, as a member of Kutno Tsunami Center team, under shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan command. He won then all the fights (ahead of time) in Full-contact kumite competition in senior’s category and won gold medal and the title of Polish Champion.

   On Saturday 9th January 2010, after passing all necessary exams in Honbu Dojo (Central School of Karate Tsunami) in Warsaw, soke Richard Murat 10 dan promoted him on instructor 1 dan master degree and gave him the title of sensei (‘master-teacher’). His opponent during jiyu-kumite on the technical exam was shihan Thaddeus Ryniec 6 dan. 


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