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MARCINKOWSKI Bogdan, a candidate for Tsunami master, Woźniki, Poland, Europe






Surname and name:  MARCINKOWSKI Bogdan 

Place in which he lives, country and continent: 

                         Drogheda, Ireland, Europe
Occupation:  s

PracticingTsunami: practices Tsunami

                         in  Drogheda, Ireland

                         and in Staroźreby, Poland  



                                           Statement on the subject of Tsunami:

   I used to play football and I used to get a lot of knee injuries. I knew I would need to have a surgery done. After a while I decided to change something in my life and train Tsunami Karate. That was my first step made to start with a new karate style. After six months my knee joints were gone and I felt I am healthy again.

   At the beginning my aim was to be healthy and then to learn about self-defence. I was one of a few people who didn’t want to fight but wanted to be healthy. I think I achieved my purpose – thank to Tsunami I am back to the health.


In the photograph: Bogdan Marcinkowski

is training one of the most typical Tsunami

kicking yoko-geri-kekomi,

Irish Sea – Rocks of Drogheda.


   I would like to say there are no limits when you are training Tsunami. You can’t see all of the aspects of this style or have any borders. Training Tsunami Karate gives you so many opportunities how to develop and improve yourself and then how to use your experience in a real self–defence. You can find new directions and new horizons of your own development. In fact Tsunami Karate is a real art, limited only by sport rules, where the main thing is a real self–defence.


 Marcinkowski  Marcinkowski

In the photo: Bogdan Marcinkowski is training no matter what type is the weather all techniques – here: typical

for Tsunami  yoko–geri–kekomi kicking (summer time – on the right, winter time – on the left), Cliffs – Irish Sea –

Drogheda. According to Tsunami rules: ju, go, shunkan kicking gives not only precision and strong direct

hits but also knee relief after the injury of Bogdan Marcinkowski.



 Bogdan Marcinkowski during his training kicking from the jump, required in Tsunami Karate for the 1st kyu step.

In the photo he is training tobi–mae–geri–keomi (front kick from the jump) Irish Cliffs – Drogheda. 




One of the most characteristic kicks in Tsunami Karate is mae-geri-kekomi (front kicking).

In the photo Bogdan Marcinkowski is training this type of kicking. 


 Westgate  Marcinkowski

  At the moment Bogdan Marcinkowski is living in Drogheda, town in Ireland. He is training individually in Westgate

Fitness Centre (left photo). Right photo: Bogdan Marcinkowski and Irish Representative of Taekwondo TKI

Nick Mikeon they train together and Nick highly recommends Tsunami because it is very effective. 


Marcinkowski  Marcinkowski

Bogdan Marcinkowski took a full control and the precision of Tsunami Karate during his training with his older brother sensei Arthur Marcinkowski 1 dan, known as the one of the most effective techniques. In the left photo he attacks

tobi-mae-geri-kekomi kicking. Younger brother (right photo) Bogdan Marcinkowski defences changing characteristic Tsunami technique and changing the attack’s line from the front side soto-nagashi-uke, blocking with soto-ude-uke. 



  Bogdan Marcinkowski is the owner of Tsunami Karate Club ‘Shuriken’ created in December 2005 in Staroźreby,

Masovia, in Poland. When he is in Ireland his older brother Arthur Marcinkowski 1 dan is looking after the club.
Bogdan Marcinkowski often visits the club and takes place in Polish competitions bringing the winners ship.
In the photo Staroźreby Tsunami Karate Club after the Fourth Polish Tsunami Karate Championship

(First European Championship) on the 16th November 2008 in Radzionków, Silesia, Poland.

 In the centre of this photo two brothers: Arthur and Bogdan Marcinkowscy.




                                        The concise biography of the mentioned person:




   Tsunami Instructor is currently living in Drogheda, Ireland.

   He was born on the 1st July 1974 in Płock, Poland.

   He graduated technician school as a specialist of motors.

   He is training Tsunami from the 16th of May 1997. At the beginning he was trained by his brother sensei Arthur Marcinkowski 1 dan and then in Tsunami Karate Club  ‘Shugyo’ in Płock by shihan Paul Przybyszewski 6 dan.


   He took part in the training camps (sesshin) and meetings (taikai), including Honbu Dojo in Warsaw, Poland plus shows and Tsunami championship.


   He was one of the medal winners in kata and kumite in the Senior Category an Polish championships.


   He is well known using his precision and strong techniques.


   He’s got instructor’s course in 2005 under soke Richard Murat’s 10 dan directions and he is entitled to be an international instructor.


   When he decided to settle down abroad he let to look after his training centre to his brother Arthur Marcinkowski 1 dan.


   He came over to Ireland and he lives in Drogheda, town between Dublin and Belfast above the Boyne River, beside Irish Sea. He is continuing his trainings individually in Westgate Fitness Centre and he met a lot of people who train other styles.

   He has a good friend a his sparring partner Nick Mikeon 1 dan (Taekwondo TKI Section), who is the instructor in Westgate Fitness centre in Drogheda as well and he says Tsunami Karate is a very effective style.


   When he arrives to Poland he takes place in the championships in Staroźreby in Poland in his Tsunami Karate Centre. He is one of the medallists and instructors and that brings this centre to the Polish championships.


   Bogdan Marcinkowski’s biography is placed in one of the bestsellers of soke Richard Murat’s 10 dan – ‘Karate for Beginners and Advanced’ on the 359 page (‘Book & Knowledge’, Warsaw 2003 - the first edition, 2008 – the second edition).


   He is highly recommended candidate for the Master 1 dan of Tsunami Karate.


   Other biographical data on subject  Bogdan Marcinkowski and his photographs you will find:

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