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URBANEK Konrad, renshi, 4 dan, Warsaw, Poland, Europe




Renshi URBANEK Conrad 4 dan


Surname and name:  URBANEK Conrad  
Place in which he lives, country and continent: 

                      Warsaw, Poland, Europe      

Degree in Tsunami: 4 dan (since 2009) 

Title in Tsunami: renshi ('an outstanding 




                                             Statement on the subject of Tsunami:


   Principles of improving body and mind applied in Tsunami bring expected results, if they are supported with appropriate activities. In my opinion it is being translated into the saying: if you ran up against more obstacles, all the more you should strengthen practice.


   It is not simple, after all we’re only human and we have our weaknesses. However in order to be better, we must be cruel towards ourselves during trainings, laboriously and stubbornly practicing our bodies and minds.


   In this action helps very much the huge emphasis  (unusual in other styles of fighting), which in Tsunami is placed on meditation  exercises and spiritual improving.


 Urbanek  Urbanek

   Renshi Conrad Urbanek 4th dan practices typical for Tsunami kicks: from left mae-geri-keage (rising front kick) on the night

of 16th September 1993, from right mae-geri-kekomi (thrusting front kick) on grouping in Kazimierz Dolny, 1996.   

 Łeba  Łeba

    Renshi Conrad Urbanek 4th dan has lead a lot of Tsunami groupings in attractive places.

            In the photos: training with one of his groups during camp in Łeba by the Baltic Sea in 1994.      





of renshi Conrad Urbanek 4 dan

was placed on the page 369 in the chapter

"The most important instructors in Poland"

in the famous book

soke Richard Murat 10 dan

"Karate for beginners and advanced"

(publisher 'Book and Knowledge',

Warsaw 2003 - edition I, 2008 – edition II) which became the biggest bestseller

in martial arts.


 Urbanek  Urbanek  Urbanek

   Renshi Conrad Urbanek 4 dan received a lot of thanks for Karate Tsunami trainings. From the left:

from the Special and Antiterrorist Training Centre, from Unit of The Military Police

of the Capital Garrison Warsaw, from Caritas of the Military Ordination of the Polish Army.  


  Renshi Konrad Urbanek 4 dan (the third from the left in the first row) during XIII Taikai – Tsunami congress, Puławy 1997.

On his both sides other tsunami masters: kyoshi Mark Furman 5 dan (Żychlin) and shihan Vladimir Parfieniuk 7 dan (Hajnówka/Modena). Turned back – soke Richard Murat 10 dan. In the photograph:

training of sticking technique kara-oi-zuki.



The concise biography of the mentioned person:


                           Renshi URBANEK Conrad 4 dan (Warsaw)



   Tsunami instructor, he runs activities in Warsaw.


   Born 23-th March 1971 in Warsaw.  


   He has practiced martial arts since 1978 (at the age of 7 he was enrolled by his parents in a school of boxing).


   Since1984 he practiced boxing in CWKS “Legia” under direction of the trainer of Polish national team - Mr. Gortat.


   Simultaneously, since 1985 he practiced kung fu ving tsun in the Centre TKKF “Dragon” in Warsaw.


   In 1986 he has started intensively practice karate tsunami, since the beginning under direction of the founder of this style soke Richard Murat. For this style he is loyal till today, practicing already for 24 years.


   He was also a participant of many regional and central Tsunami groupings, exclusively in Warsaw, Kazimierz Dolny and Grabina. He also took part in many taikai - Tsunami congresses.


   Along with soke Richard Murat and shihan Vladimir Parfieniuk renshi Urbanek was a performer in many loud and spectacular Tsunami shows (eg. in 1992 during Days of Japanese Culture in Warsaw) and national martial arts festivals.


   Furthermore he organised many club groupings, which he lead in many different places, especially by the Baltic Sea.


   In 1989 he finished instructoral course and began leading classes of Karate Tsunami in Warsaw (districts: Wola and Żoliborz), Piastów and Zielonka.


   Under the authority of soke Richard Murat he has also lead trainings with foreigners, in African Karate-do Tsunami Club "Tsunami" (in 1993), and also from old Soviet Union countries (Ucraine, Belarus, Lithuania).


   From 1989 renshi Conrad Urbanek is a president of Karate-do Tsunami Club "Piastów", from 1992 Warsaw Karate-do Tsunami Club "Żoliborz" and Warsaw Karate-do Tsunami Club "Wola".


   From 1996 to 2001 he was a member of the Main Managemanet of Polish Martial Arts Federation.


   He also lead special classes for many civil and government institutions, and for his engagement and high level received many written acknowledgments, inter alia from:

  • Mieczyslaw Kuras - Special Training and Antiterrorist Center director in Warsaw,
  • Priest colonel Thaddeus Dłubacz - director of Caritas Ordinariate Field Army of Poland in Warsaw,
  • lieutenant colonel dr. Boguslav Pacek - a comendant of Squad of Gendarmerie of Capital Garrison in Warsaw,
  • Danuta Konarzewska - director of Art Studio of Artistic Post-secondary Professional Study,
  • Sebastian Lenart - director of Old House of Culture in Warsaw.

   From 1995 he leads classes under patronate of Tsunami Federation on behalf of "Stop to the agression and violence" programme, actualluy inter alia in VII Secondary School in Warsaw under patronate of Julisz Słowacki.


   On the day od 23rd of August, 2009, after all necessary examinations in Honbu Dojo in Warsaw, soke Richard Murat 10 dan promoted him to 4th dan master degree in Tsunami, and granted him a title of renshi ('multiple, frequent master').    


     Other biographical data on subject renshi Conrad Urbanek 4 dan and his photographs you will find:

  • in the special section renshi Conrad Urbanek 4 dan - on this website,
  • on many websites - Tsunami centers and Tsunami instructors,
  •  on the website www.federacjasztukwalki.pl




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