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SZYMBORSKI Christopher, a candidate for Tsunami master, Płock, Poland, Europe




SZYMBORSKI Christopher


Surname and name:  SZYMBORSKI Christopher 

Place in which he lives, country and continent: 

                         Płock, Poland, Europe
Occupation:  City Guard officer

PracticingTsunami: practices Tsunami

                         in Staroźreby Tsunami Center



                                                    Statement on the subject of Tsunami:


   I began my adventure with martial arts in 1992, practicing kung-fu style - hung-gar - for a year.

   Then I have begun training Karate Tsunami in Płock under Mario Igielski 1 dan and in 1993 passed an examination on 10th  kyu degree. After one year of Tsunami trainings I started practicing kick-boxing under Wiesław Kałużny, who also got 1st dan in Tsunami. After injury, which I contracted during sparring fight in 1997, I put on a hold with kick-boxing.

   Then for next 4 years I have individually studiem various aspects of martial arts. In 2002, after meeting Bogdan Marcinkowski, who practises Karate Tsunami, and seeing his technique, I made a “come-back” to Tsunami. Unfortunately, business affairs prevented me from intensive trainings in dojo.

   Hardly in 2007 I managed to start once more Tsunami practice, for the third time. Actually I train in dojo named “Shuriken” in Staroźreby, near to Płock under sensei Arthur Marcinkowski 1 dan and additionally in “Shugyo” dojo in Płock, under shihan Paul Przybyszewski 6 dan

   As one can see, my road towards Tsunami was winding and complicated. This style fits me most, when it comes about philosophy; no restrictions, I can use whatever I have learned, and in real fight, which sometimes isn’t fair, I have a habit of kicking my opponent eg. in his knee or groin, and those techniques are very effective, and you don’t have to use any more of them.

   And more seriously, Tsunami gives me full satisfaction, I mean improves my body condition, self-confidence, harden psychologically, not to mention very effective fighting skills, which can be very quickly tested in state of threat on the street.

   Based all of those advantages and on my personal experience I encourage everyone to train Karate Tsunami. 


Christopher Szymborski starts in consecutive Karate Tsunami Polish Championship and achieve top positions

in different competitions. During V Open Karate Tsunami Polish Championship on 14-15th november 2009 in Łowicz,

he won two silver medals along with titles Vice Champion, and one bronze medal. In photo: on podium after decoration

with medals in Tokui-kata competition, senior’s category, in which Christpher Szymborski (on podium first from right) won silver medal. In the center: gold medal winner, Jack Borek (Warsaw), from left: bronze medal winner, Marcin Szczepanik (Łowicz). Persona handing medals: meijin dr. Matthias Misztal 3 dan (Kutno) – Polish Championship doctor, great master

of vinh xuan style Nquyen Ngoc Noi 10 dan (Hanoi, Vietnam) and priest renshi Gregory Badziąg OFMCap. 4 dan

(Krosno) – Polish Championship chaplain.

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